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2014-01-23119653JHarrisAn Observer's Guide To Pony Fanwork
2015-02-0197989dgaicunInternet Music Video Database (IMVDb)
2011-11-0290521Nomyte17 Hours of Russian Animation
2022-06-2284353kliulessThe Sunflower Movements: Useful Fictions and Consensus Reality
2014-12-2582655Potomac AvenueMerry Dunkmas
2012-08-2782386JHarrisHigh Weirdness By Mail
2013-01-0581076BlasdelbHistory is a weapon
2018-05-2177151filthy light thiefA plethora of Sun Ra's four decades of baffling, dazzling, mystical jazz
2022-02-2673438RhaomiClassic Megaposts Remixed
2022-02-2871714JHarrisThe Legend of Lore
2015-04-1271442JHarrisThanks for all the good times, Lore. A+
2012-11-0165816BlasdelbCoronet Instructional Films
2014-06-0464209Rory Marinich21 days. 39 years. 8-ish genres. 6 one-hit wonders. 1 Russell. 1 Ron.
2014-10-1663493rorgyLet Me Tell You About Homestuck
2011-08-0463288trollConsider the following...
2011-08-0462885trollConsider the following...
2023-12-1061050Z303Stamps Back
2012-10-2460738RhaomiThe best free games from across the web
2023-10-1359815RhaomiYou Got to Hold On
2018-12-1254265brainwaneIntersectional sustainable crop science, and GIFs
2012-09-1753227BlasdelbAnnotated Filmography of Charlie Chaplin
2019-04-0349618Little Dawn“There will be plenty of unfavorable things about the president
2021-11-1648419WobbuffetNominees for the Goodreads Choice Awards 2021
2012-01-2346517BlasdelbAnimating Medicine
2012-01-1046350hippybearDon't Be Afraid Of The Art Of Noise
2021-10-3146231kliulessSFnal Coordination Mechanism Design, Path Dependence and Roads Not Taken
2011-12-1543631DoctorFedoraCan YOU survive?
2022-12-1141731WobbuffetBooks of the Year, etc.
2012-04-0939013Z303Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms
2011-12-1938147hippybearRock Me, Falco
2014-11-1238055divined by radiosometime rapper, always artist
2023-12-1236819kliulessPower (Plough, Sword & Book) and Progress (Exit, Voice & Loyalty)
2023-08-1035891joannemerriamLet's say gay!
2014-11-0935502Monsieur CautionWritten with nightbird quills and ink-of-dedication
2015-10-0235291Rhaomi웃 i am not here and this is not really happening.
2021-09-2435219kliulessWe need to talk about 'moderate' Democrats
2010-07-1435061infinite intimationiBOL iWish there were an app for that already
2013-12-2234760zarqAllez Cuisine!
2022-10-2834438kliulessCivilization reboot: Imagine post-capitalism instead of the world's end
2017-06-1234256not_the_water"""There has to be tension. There has to be an adversary."""
2012-12-0934040BlasdelbDeciphering the Tools of Nature’s Zombies
2011-07-2533818RhaomiOrange you glad you got your Nickelodeon?
2021-07-2133728Rhaomi"Could I interest you in everything about ""Inside""?"
2010-12-3133390filthy light thiefRoyal Institution Christmas Lectures: inspiring and educating children and adults alike since 1825 (with a break for WWII)
2013-10-2433379Herodios"""Ray Collins, we love you!"""
2014-05-2332961zarq“Where do left and right meet? At the truth.”
2012-12-1632784ocherdracoThe Board Games Women Make
2018-07-2132705AuzWhat’s the collective noun for hermits?
2016-02-1632672Going To Maine“First up: two hundred and four hours of chanting.”
2008-01-2432277Foci for AnalysisVideo Chronology of The History of British TV Comedy
2022-02-2031791RhaomiThe Hitchhiker's Guide to Humanity (2nd Edition)
2018-01-1430760aniolaMoby Dick; Or the Whale.
2021-05-3130378kliulessProgress Studies: Uplift
2022-03-1230210WobbuffetThe British Novelists
2020-09-1629682kliulessThe chickenization of everything
2021-08-2229625Wobbuffet25 Playwrights and their Plays, 1700-1799
2010-08-3029374filthy light thiefRoger Ebert on Anime, with a focus on Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli
2017-09-1629269WobbuffetSome 19th Century perspectives on (mostly) 19th Century literature
2014-04-1129145zarqLife Rolls On
2015-09-1729104dances_with_sneetchesThe Whole Run of Crime
2010-11-1229082filthy light thiefNinja Tune: 20 Years in the Technicolor Escape Pod
2011-08-1229014NomyteWell, the Ukraine girls really knock me out, and Moscow girls make me sing and shout.
2018-10-0528531Iridic...and counting
2012-10-1628456BlasdelbProvirophages and transpovirons as the diverse mobilome of giant viruses
2012-08-1228354filthy light thiefOrbital, 23 years after Chime
2019-03-1528146Little Dawn“If the people don’t have the facts, democracy can’t work.”
2013-10-0228033Monsieur CautionFeminist Video/Film Artists
2019-09-1627679kliulessThe invention of (synthetic) central bank digital currency
2014-08-2427676hippybearThat Panayiotou kid is doing alright for himself
2013-12-2327498MonkeyToesThe Transcendental Transatlantic Sessions
2010-12-3027450infinite intimationThis is a subject of but small importance; and I know not whether it will interest any readers, but it has interested me.
2011-12-2627390codacorollaThe Year in Writing
2019-10-1026687kliulessmarket socialism/inclusive prosperity
2014-11-2826522filthy light thiefVCR Games: you just became the Luke Skywalker of the new Star Wars.
2014-05-2126488unliteralThe best 143 songs of all time
2013-12-1826437emmteei dont care what you say this video game character is my boyfriend
2014-08-0726365filthy light thief808state​:psycho​ecstatic​tranceenducing​groove​riding​techno​funk​alogical​sound
2011-12-2326231filthy light thiefCharlie Chan: The (Not Entirely) Fictional Chinese Detective
2019-02-2526214Little Dawn"""His deceit, which is a fundamental component of the crimes"
2018-11-2626021kliuless(dystopic) utopianism...
2019-07-1126008kliulessYour Data, Your Money, Your Laws
2023-03-2025980kliulessWhat if climate change meant not doom — but abundance?
2015-08-2425867JHarrisWhere do you want to go today?
2013-12-2125496Monsieur CautionHang a shining star upon the highest bough
2019-07-0425483filthy light thiefNPR's other anthems, and not just for America
2010-03-0225354kliulessBe it resolved that financial 'innovation' does not boost economic growth
2018-01-3024827parkiAs psychedelic as possible, under the circumstances
2017-12-0824816filthy light thiefProtest music, past and present, from Pitchfork
2021-09-0624773kliulessConstructed Worlds, Group Beliefs and Narrative Consciousness
2014-12-0824733AceRockLongreads Best of 2014
2011-10-2724721kittenmarloweCinderella, Cinderella, Night and Day it's Cinderella
2019-03-2324688kliulessWho Gets What: Economics as Religion -- Once More Unto the Breach!
2015-08-0724532kliulessEthereum Launched
2022-03-0924476snuffleupagusI Give My Little Stars to Children
2014-02-2624356JHarrisCG Mockbusters
2020-09-2224255kliulessWhat we didn't get
2016-02-1124149kliulessPlatform Cooperatives: Money as a (Public) Service
2013-12-1624032zarqWould you believe...
2023-09-0423936kliulessThe Memory Bank*
2018-07-0723935kliulessGreatest Story Ever Told, Greatest Trick Ever Pulled
2010-11-2423913MikoAlice's Restaurant
2012-08-2623744NomyteExit wound in a foreign nation.
2018-10-3023415box"""You Know What I Am? I'm a [] Nationalist."""
2014-01-1223288kliulesslisten to the wealthy scream
2018-07-1223195filthy light thiefAlphabet of international bread recipes (around the world a few times)
2011-06-2723186filthy light thiefFunk Junction: the sounds of Aaron Funk as Venetian Snares
2008-12-3023060RhaomiClassic Animation Remixed
2010-02-0923038filthy light thiefBorn from jungle techno, the amen break, hip-hop and dub: a history of Drum'n'Bass
2014-09-0623037filthy light thiefBalearic compilations: summer sounds from EMI's archives
2020-09-1122876kliulessSuperDole (RIP?)
2015-10-3122797the man of twists and turns'you're 'fugees now'
2017-07-3022650HerodiosAll that you give: Fontella Bass rescues herself
2019-05-1022644homunculusGreen Stoics: Stoicism, Cosmopolitanism & Environmental Sustainability
2014-01-2022510me3diaFollow the world.
2010-10-1422499kliulessLook on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
2014-06-0922440DirtyOldTownDoooooorrrrroooooothyyyyy Gaaaaaaaallllllle!
2016-05-1122336kliulessRedefining Wealth and Prosperity in the 21st Century
2010-12-2322305JHarrisA trip through time to an early 90s arcade
2011-12-2922239filthy light thief"""You need have no fear of any failure"" -- the life and explorations of Percy Fawcett"
2012-03-1622224BlasdelbYou know what every kitchen needs? A Bloonderbooss or a Boomashootn, and Swedish Chef shows us why.
2013-01-2822094Going To MaineThey were your Joey Ramone
2012-12-0122086subject_verb_remainderThe Video Games Women Make
2014-02-1422028zarq"""I'm mad about you baby. Mad About You...."""
2019-05-2721978kliulessPeripheral Belters or Retooling Finance and Tech for Everyone's Benefit
2011-12-2221934RhaomiYou shall Hear things, Wonderful to tell
2016-12-0521896filthy light thiefTime keeps on slippin', drippin', meltin', into the future
2021-12-2421837brainwane"""Anything out of the ordinary?"" Yes, if you'd like, every week!"
2018-03-1821761filthy light thiefA look back at sad rap: hip-hop has never been too cool for despair
2014-05-3121475smoothvirusEzekiel saw the wheel. This is the wheel he said he saw.
2013-10-0421406y2karly2bekarl's Sweet Soul Music Hit Me!
2016-08-2721379filthy light thiefDe Coubertin medal: 4th Olympic medal, True Spirit of Sportsmanship
2014-08-2621299tonycpsu"""Professors are citizens."""
2014-12-1321277cwest"""East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'..."""
2015-01-2321253kliulessDealing with the transition to the information age
2016-03-0921248zarqThe Secret Service will rest easier without you around on our south lawn
2014-05-2921238Awkward PhilipR. W. Fassbinder, Romantic Anarchist
2015-02-0321067Monsieur CautionSome notable SF/F/H short fiction from 2014
2013-12-0921035Pope GuiltyTwenty Years of Ultra-Violence
2017-11-0721007kliulessNeo-Feudal Political Division
2011-12-1920928kittenmarloweListen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government
2018-11-0520903ChrysostomANGER IS AN ENERGY
2014-12-2620900cwestTony Bennett/Bill Evans, Village Vanguard Reissue, Complete Riverside
2019-02-0520726Doktor Zed"""When I say something that you might think is a gaffe, it’s on purpose"""
2012-10-2520695IridicWe are for the dark
2012-04-2820679hippybearThe Art And Activism Of Jimmy Somerville
2011-02-2020634filthy light thiefAmon Tobin: a classical composer of the hip-hop age
2020-08-0220573kliulessA blind and opaque reputelligent nosedive
2018-02-0620540WordshoreOne sandwich to rule them all
2023-12-2320475GenjiandProustOh, the Weather Outside is Frightful, but Inside It’s Even Worse
2015-01-2420375the sobsisterLa Feria de la Alasita
2011-07-0820306NomyteDeep space. The silence of the void. Shhh.
2021-06-2020283kliulessThe Abstract Representation of Things
2010-06-2820209filthy light thiefEl Santo: I only do what I can, to wipe out injustice and crime
2017-09-0720073filthy light thiefThe long, winding road to fully automated cars
2012-10-2520073RhaomiEvery Year of the Twentieth Century, Lampooned by the Onion
2012-06-0120027JHarrisAgricola Lite
2020-04-1619979tonycpsuDisaster Capitalism: Pandemic Edition
2014-07-2919974LexicaIncredible truths and barely credible lies
2014-04-2819861JacquelineSecret Merlings! Secret Merlings everywhere!
2013-08-0419834filthy light thiefTor.com: 5 years, 151 stories (plus 5, and some to grow on)
2020-12-1719724XMLiciousI called 911; they hanged up on me—my girlfriend, her father called 911…
2014-05-0419601Going To MaineForty-three Werner Herzog films that can be streamed
2018-07-1519519WobbuffetEmily Brontë was born on July 30, 1818 -- 200 years ago this month
2016-06-1019485filthy light thief3 heads of the Black Dog, decades of post-techno and futuristic exotica
2012-05-1619450filthy light thiefOut of This World and Out of the Unknown: bringing science fiction to the small screen
2014-05-1919446feckless fecal fear mongering"""The best things happen just before the thread snaps."""
2011-05-2519423filthy light thiefAtari Teenage Riot: Two Decades of Riot Sounds to Cause Riots
2016-12-0719420Fizz“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.”
2018-01-0919373filthy light thiefVictorio Peak: New Mexico's El Dorado, C.I.A. cover up, or fatal scam?
2019-10-2319284kliulessLock in: no exit, voice nor loyalty
2008-08-2219250flibbertigibbetUS Presidential Campaign Videos
2012-09-0119212HerodiosThe Man Who Would Be King (of the Guitar)
2020-01-0319198katraThe 1788 Doctors’ Riot and Colonial White Nationalism
2022-02-0219184RhaomiArtifacts from the Future (from the past)
2023-07-1419043RhaomiFriday Flash Fun Forever
2017-09-2219008the man of twists and turnsWhat Happened?
2003-04-2619000y2karlAmerican Memory Collection Animations and Motion Pictures
2018-10-2318988Z303Kennedy Ground. For the last time. Speedbird Concorde 2 London Heathrow
2011-06-0418798filthy light thiefYou know what they call Sesame Street in France? 5, Rue Sésame
2018-02-1018792WobbuffetSome notable SF/F from 1942
2022-11-2418733y2karlChuck Berry, Bo Diddley, riffs, one riff wonders & primal voices
2022-05-1318701RhaomiWhen we get together, well then, who knows?
2023-03-2218681hippybear"From One To ""40"" -- We Have To Talk About The New U2 Album"
2018-12-2018674zachlipton"""We need wall"""
2010-12-0618488AElfwine EvenstarX-plane-o-rama
2015-06-0218438kliulessHow to fix inequality: Squash the finance industry and redistribute more
2018-11-2918426kliuless(dystopic) utopianism...
2016-04-1818415Fizz“But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!”
2007-10-0818286the_very_hungry_caterpillarKilling Joke - the four horsemen of the post-punk-rock apocalypse
2012-12-1718214zarq"""You can't get un-famous. You can get infamous, but you can't get un-famous."""
2023-03-0118180kliulessHoover won.
2018-11-2518157zachlipton"""I would give myself an A+, is that enough? Can I go higher than that?"""
2017-01-2618110Going To MaineSpoiler: There’s a lot of Warp
2023-07-1718108RhaomiThe S-Files