Which posts in MetaFilter from 2016-01-01 through now are the longest?

2018-05-2177151filthy light thiefA plethora of Sun Ra's four decades of baffling, dazzling, mystical jazz
2018-12-1254265brainwaneIntersectional sustainable crop science, and GIFs
2019-04-0349618Little Dawn“There will be plenty of unfavorable things about the president
2017-06-1234256not_the_water"""There has to be tension. There has to be an adversary."""
2018-07-2132705AuzWhat’s the collective noun for hermits?
2016-02-1632672Going To Maine“First up: two hundred and four hours of chanting.”
2018-01-1430760aniolaMoby Dick; Or the Whale.
2017-09-1629269WobbuffetSome 19th Century perspectives on (mostly) 19th Century literature
2018-10-0528531Iridic...and counting
2019-03-1528146Little Dawn“If the people don’t have the facts, democracy can’t work.”
2019-09-1627679kliulessThe invention of (synthetic) central bank digital currency
2019-10-1026687kliulessmarket socialism/inclusive prosperity
2019-02-2526214Little Dawn"""His deceit, which is a fundamental component of the crimes"
2018-11-2626021kliuless(dystopic) utopianism...
2019-07-1126008kliulessYour Data, Your Money, Your Laws
2019-07-0425483filthy light thiefNPR's other anthems, and not just for America
2018-01-3024827parkiAs psychedelic as possible, under the circumstances
2017-12-0824816filthy light thiefProtest music, past and present, from Pitchfork
2019-03-2324688kliulessWho Gets What: Economics as Religion -- Once More Unto the Breach!
2016-02-1124149kliulessPlatform Cooperatives: Money as a (Public) Service
2018-07-0723935kliulessGreatest Story Ever Told, Greatest Trick Ever Pulled
2018-10-3023415box"""You Know What I Am? I'm a [] Nationalist."""
2018-07-1223195filthy light thiefAlphabet of international bread recipes (around the world a few times)
2017-07-3022650HerodiosAll that you give: Fontella Bass rescues herself
2019-05-1022644homunculusGreen Stoics: Stoicism, Cosmopolitanism & Environmental Sustainability
2016-05-1122336kliulessRedefining Wealth and Prosperity in the 21st Century
2019-05-2721978kliulessPeripheral Belters or Retooling Finance and Tech for Everyone's Benefit
2016-12-0521896filthy light thiefTime keeps on slippin', drippin', meltin', into the future
2018-03-1821761filthy light thiefA look back at sad rap: hip-hop has never been too cool for despair
2016-08-2721379filthy light thiefDe Coubertin medal: 4th Olympic medal, True Spirit of Sportsmanship
2016-03-0921248zarqThe Secret Service will rest easier without you around on our south lawn
2017-11-0721007kliulessNeo-Feudal Political Division
2018-11-0520903ChrysostomANGER IS AN ENERGY
2019-02-0520726Doktor Zed"""When I say something that you might think is a gaffe, it’s on purpose"""
2018-02-0620540WordshoreOne sandwich to rule them all
2017-09-0720073filthy light thiefThe long, winding road to fully automated cars
2020-04-1619979tonycpsuDisaster Capitalism: Pandemic Edition
2018-07-1519519WobbuffetEmily Brontë was born on July 30, 1818 -- 200 years ago this month
2016-06-1019485filthy light thief3 heads of the Black Dog, decades of post-techno and futuristic exotica
2016-12-0719420Fizz“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.”
2018-01-0919373filthy light thiefVictorio Peak: New Mexico's El Dorado, C.I.A. cover up, or fatal scam?
2019-10-2319284kliulessLock in: no exit, voice nor loyalty
2020-01-0319198katraThe 1788 Doctors’ Riot and Colonial White Nationalism
2017-09-2219008the man of twists and turnsWhat Happened?
2018-10-2318988Z303Kennedy Ground. For the last time. Speedbird Concorde 2 London Heathrow
2018-02-1018792WobbuffetSome notable SF/F from 1942
2018-12-2018674zachlipton"""We need wall"""
2018-11-2918426kliuless(dystopic) utopianism...
2016-04-1818415Fizz“But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!”
2018-11-2518157zachlipton"""I would give myself an A+, is that enough? Can I go higher than that?"""
2017-01-2618110Going To MaineSpoiler: There’s a lot of Warp
2016-03-1617853kliulesssources of obligation, sources of value
2017-06-0717545WordshoreBaron Von Thunderclap for Mid Sussex: The 2017 UK General Election
2018-04-1117528filthy light thiefNot dead, just quiet: a belated and happy birthday to Tom Lehrer
2019-10-0417523kliulessNarrative, Fiction and World-Building Reality
2019-05-2817476churlThe Northwest Animation Festival Memorial Omnibus
2020-02-0117436Going To MaineHistoric Prime-Time TV Show Intros
2019-06-1917355Little Dawn“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle”
2017-07-2917263martin q blankIt's Baseball Thanksgiving!
2018-10-3117232Kitty StardustNeither Escape Nor Catharsis but Rather a Repetition of Trauma
2017-11-1617193filthy light thiefTimbuktu's learned history and legacy
2019-07-0917186Little Dawn"""For nothing can seem foul to those that win"""
2018-10-1817184Doktor Zed"""Game on, Tiny"""
2017-12-2117138filthy light thiefThe Portrait Trilogy of operas by Philip Glass
2016-09-0616999kliulessAuditing Algorithms and Algorithmic Auditing
2020-03-2916920GenjiandProustSince You're Isolating: Weird Podcasts!
2019-10-1216765WobbuffetWeird Tales from the 20th Century
2020-02-1216668kliulessMycelium: Is there anything it can't do?
2020-03-1816651the man of twists and turnsmisnaming conventions in US history are a disservice
2018-12-0716545Doktor Zed"""Very legal & very cool""—Individual 1"
2018-11-1916514homunculusFDA grants breakthrough therapy designation to psilocybin
2018-03-0116478kliulesspreventing oligopoly from turning into oligarchy
2017-09-2216282filthy light thiefWest, Jim West - before he was wicki-wicki-wild, he was a suave spy
2016-04-0516215RhaomiThe Future is Now
2017-09-1216199WordshoreA little piece of toast
2019-06-1516181homunculusAttention is an art form. Perception is a skill.
2017-12-2116110GCU Sweet and Full of GraceJingle Rock Bell
2017-08-2916010WordshoreLet's talk about pies
2020-02-2215854kliulessPrivate Riches, Public Squalor
2019-06-0415720kliulesscommon wealth and collective power
2016-07-1815690HerodiosCleveland: You gotta be Hough
2017-04-0715662WordshoreFirst cake of the season
2018-09-1215423the man of twists and turnswe all fall down
2017-07-0215411FizzPro tip: rock-paper-scissors equals sword-ax-lance.
2016-03-2715196Fizz“...women exist primarily in terms of their relationships to the men...”
2018-11-0915195Doktor ZedNo One Is Above the Law
2017-09-2915151filthy light thief50 years of BIRDMAAAN! Hero of earth, failed talkshow host, and attorney
2017-11-0615146ChrysostomBastards stole their power / from the victims of the Us v Them years
2017-01-1515083WobbuffetRecent SF/F/H short fiction online
2018-09-1015051ricochet biscuitEmbattled Ontario Premier Doug Ford makes history, notwithstanding
2019-01-1815044Doktor Zed‘Our country is in a hellhole right now’—Cardi B
2017-08-2515000Fizz“Can Star Citizen be made?”
2018-11-1314955kliulessMonopoly, fascism and antitrust
2016-03-2614944Fizz“They have something to say.”
2018-06-0914919J.K. Seazer"Yoko Kanno's genre is ""good music""."
2017-08-2614864Fizz“But time flows like a river . . . and history repeats . . . ”
2019-10-0314860katraAmbition is being made to counteract ambition.
2018-06-3014684filthy light thiefSam & Max, Freelance Police: making the world safe for bigfoots
2017-10-2914678ashburyLife is a Rock
2016-09-0714563kliulessDataism: Getting out of the 'job loop' and into the 'knowledge loop'
2018-09-2814465zachlipton"""Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter""—Dr. Christine Blasey Ford"
2016-09-0914407filthy light thiefA trip to the mythical Isle of Tiki, Polynesian Pop and A/C Eden
2018-10-0114395ellieBOAA Premature Attempt at the 21st Century Canon
2018-10-0914355kliulessSupporting Fast Payments for All – and Economic Freedom
2018-07-1714310kliuless(Democratically) Controlling Ownership of Production's Means
2017-12-1114246Start with DessertExtreme tort reform - NZ’s ACC
2016-03-1414244Fizz“Of course, there's still a nuclear site with three damaged reactors.”
2018-12-0914232Fizz“a violence that continues to dehumanize and perpetuate racist ideas...”
2016-07-1214101kliulessThe open hand and the closed fist
2018-01-0314090filthy light thiefNyege Nyege: Uganda representing new East African electronic music
2019-05-0514028Z303A Jump(jet) across the Atlantic
2016-03-0414014kliulessWhat's changed and changing about (American) politics?
2016-03-2914012Fizz“You cannot have both . . . Joke and Art,”
2019-06-3014003homunculusMcMindfulness: capitalism's co-option of mindfulness meditation
2017-08-3113891FizzThe Rebel is in full meltdown mode.
2017-10-1813827Z303Vulcan, you are Cleared for Take-off
2016-01-0413801kliulessThe Unseen Threat of Capital Mobility
2020-03-1713768FizzRip & Tear! To the Depths of Bell!
2018-08-1013654Fizz“Watching this show is like observing someone commit a crime,”
2017-12-1313623Fizzthe cake is a lie.
2016-01-3113610hippybearThe Junior Vasquez Post You Didn't Know You Needed
2018-03-2913535filthy light thiefWhy'd you choose such a backward time in such a strange land?
2016-03-2013495mandolin conspiracyBreaking up is easy...if you have the right vessel
2016-07-0213426kairabCould the UK Brexit vote spell an entirely different future history?
2019-05-1513411RhaomiYou Were the Man Then, Dog
2018-11-0313389the man of twists and turnsto make a criminal, make a law
2016-12-2013309Fizz“The racism allegory in Mankind Divided is already clear,”
2017-02-2413172kliulessThe Competing States Hypothesis
2017-08-1713138Fizz“In the world of The Witness, solving puzzles is its own reward.”
2020-05-2713069filthy light thiefA slew of Siouxsie Sioux videos
2020-06-1213043FizzA lot of murder.
2020-02-0612963the man of twists and turns"""There is no splitting these things apart."""
2017-10-1612935kliulessWelcome to CORE
2018-08-0212836Homeboy TroubleA list with more records (by women) than the K.G.B.
2018-03-2712781Fizz“...a genre plagued by poor adaptations. ”
2018-09-0512762kliulessRevitalizing Small Town America
2016-10-0812744Rhaomi[ELECTION 2016] ♪♫ He’s never gon' be President now... ♪♫
2019-05-2912701Little DawnSurely some revelation is at hand;
2018-08-2012673Doktor Zed"""Truth Isn't Truth"""
2018-05-1612664kliulessUprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society
2019-07-1412663kliulessToronto Tomorrow
2019-01-1912657Wobbuffet"""You won't have to worry about feeling desolate when autumn comes"""
2018-04-1612489the man of twists and turnsE S O T E R I C
2017-10-2412487Fizz“Complex women, interesting women, women who defy stereotypes...”
2016-07-0912429WobbuffetIllustrated Travel Books of the Edwardian Era
2019-12-0412398BiggerJHello-ho-hI'M A RELIABLE REINDEER
2018-01-1512397chappell, ambrose#WoYeShi is #MeToo with Chinese characteristics
2019-02-2212386homunculusPeter Sjöstedt-H on Mind, Panpsychism, Philosophy and Psychedelics
2018-07-0912365supercrayonCities of ladies
2017-03-1112351kliulessMonopoly Cost Disease
2019-08-0412335OnceUponATimeTulsi Gabbard Thinks We’re Doomed
2017-01-2912279Fizz“Let me share with you the terrible wonders I have come to know..”
2016-09-1612261filthy light thief"Marty Feldman: ""I am too old to die young and too young to grow up"""
2016-03-1712152kliulesssources of obligation, sources of value
2019-04-1912108kliulessThe appropriate place for regulation is where there is market failure
2018-07-2012089Fizz“intimidating whirlwinds of bullets...”
2017-02-0312086triggerfingerHearts and minds
2016-06-0612069lmfsilvaLe Rendez-Vous 2016
2017-10-1812062filthy light thiefThe confusion (and history) of Catalonia's efforts towards autonomy
2016-02-1911990kliulessThe Gilded Age, Henry George, the Land Value Tax and the Progressive Era
2017-09-1611984elgilitoLa Divine Comtesse
2020-03-3111853filthy light thiefPixar mini-documentaries: behind the scenes, making the movies
2017-09-1411800Fizz“I’m just a guy making jokes on the internet,”
2018-08-2711797Doktor Zed"""Do not despair of our present difficulties""—Sen. John McCain"
2017-09-0311777Fizz“Helden sterben nicht!”
2019-09-2611762kliulessTime, Space and Causality
2020-04-2711753FizzHave you always wanted to try bangs? Try bangs.
2017-09-2811691Fizz“...microcosm of everything that is wrong with AAA gaming today.”
2020-05-0411631Wobbuffet"""Deep in rococo imagery of fairies, princesses, diamonds and pearls"""
2018-08-1011629filthy light thiefYou're not going crazy, Arthur, you're going sane in a crazy world!
2019-06-1111570kliulessCreating a Worker-Led Economy When Business and Human Interests Diverge
2018-10-0311557filthy light thiefAfrobeats Worldwide: Nigerian Musicians making the new global pop
2016-04-0711548tractorfeedA Century of Beverly Cleary
2019-07-2311534Doktor ZedMueller Under Oath
2019-06-0511533kliulessCommon Wealth and Collective Power
2019-05-1511509homunculusDecriminalizing Shrooms; Psychedelic Therapy; Pyschedelics vs Capitalism
2020-06-1511502Fizz“bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do”
2018-11-2711377the man of twists and turnscoming home
2017-07-1111333kliulessPublic Utility Postal Banking and RTGS for All
2018-04-2211303k8tArmenians on the verge of a regime overthrow
2018-06-1111288bondcliffBrought to you in blurry, badly-exposed phone camera-o-vision!
2019-12-1511279Rich Text"name a concept funnier than ""Brecht in LA."" I'll wait"
2018-01-0411277roger ackroydThe urgent mission of “Making Gay History”
2016-05-0811267RhaomiRadiohead's new album hits the web
2019-04-1711244zachliptonThe █████████ Mueller Report
2020-01-2711218tonycpsuHow to design AI that eliminates disability bias
2016-07-2711207IridicThe Lock and Key Library
2016-08-1211192filthy light thief40 years of partying like a punkette
2018-03-1111166chappell, ambrose"""Famous non-object"" to ""technological reality"" to surprising controversy"
2018-09-1011127filthy light thiefMapuche Nation: the living Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia
2019-09-1911119katra"""Need to find different words for unprecedented."""
2016-06-1511118filthy light thief"The lasting legacy of the ""rocket girls"" of JPL"
2018-10-2011104GenjiandProustFor Halloween, the Spooky and Queer Holiday, More Weird Audio Dramas
2018-03-1911055Fizz“Video games don't create violence in society, they reflect it.”