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2023-10-28134941AnyUsernameWillDo"""Gaza is Being Strangled"""
2023-10-07160513AnonymousHamas Strikes Israel in Unexpected Assault
2023-08-14105187Your Childhood Pet RockTrump Indictment #4 - This Time It's RICO
2023-06-23117370MeatbombArmed Mutiny in Russia
2023-06-19115938beagleSubmersible visiting the Titanic has gone missing
2022-10-27153848autopilotDear Twitter Advertisers
2022-08-08107284orange swanMar-a-Lago Raided by the F.B.I. on August 8th, 2022
2022-06-24110862fight or flightour bodies our choice
2022-04-19111073interogative moodThe glory and freedom of Ukraine has not yet perished
2022-03-20109998Kattullus"""A Lamb Has Harnessed a Wolf"""
2022-03-091032147snuffleupagusI Give My Little Stars to Children
2022-02-22104087russilwvongRussia orders troops into Ukraine
2021-02-09117762MonkeyToesImpeachment Trial Begins
2021-01-20159291tazBiden / Harris Inauguration
2021-01-15102887MattWPBSA plan to rescue America - President-Elect Biden's Coronavirus response
2021-01-11200982valkaneThe Wages of Sedition: Speaker Pelosi will impeach Trump a second time
2021-01-08192171valkaneThe day after the morning after: Trump won't attend inauguration
2021-01-07135693MattWPBSThe morning after insurrection
2021-01-06167989NotLostMob breaches Capitol, spurring lockdown
2020-11-23169173shoesfullofdustIt's Official
2020-11-08149963invincible summerUS Election: The Party after the After-party
2020-11-05159665darkstarUS Election 2020 : Part 3
2020-11-04173674darkstarUS Election Day 2020: The Sequel
2020-11-03183073LobsterMittenU.S. Election Day
2020-10-02295296bertranTrump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus
2020-05-27154985mediareportMinneapolis response to the police killing of George Floyd
2020-03-212198127ZeusHummsThe Wørd: Truthiness In Action
2020-02-22194531the man of twists and turnsADDing in NevADa
2020-02-03224543the man of twists and turns""" they all crowded round it, panting, and asking, `But who has won?'"""
2020-01-27147383katraITMFA V: Carry On, Wayward Senate
2019-12-29100273katraITMFA IV: Then the door was open and the wind appeared
2019-11-29121286katraITMFA III: The Search for Articles of Impeachment
2019-10-31182287katraSeriously, ITMFA
2019-09-241782156NoxAeternumIt Begins
2019-08-28104079adrianhonMission Impossible: Prorogue Nation
2019-07-091627114Little Dawn"""For nothing can seem foul to those that win"""
2019-06-191821112Little Dawn“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle”
2019-05-291843126Little DawnSurely some revelation is at hand;
2019-05-061928116Little Dawn"""To be or not to be, ay, there's the point"""
2019-04-171930132zachliptonThe █████████ Mueller Report
2019-04-031173180Little Dawn“There will be plenty of unfavorable things about the president
2019-03-151849135Little Dawn“If the people don’t have the facts, democracy can’t work.”
2019-02-251911147Little Dawn"""His deceit, which is a fundamental component of the crimes"
2019-02-051807120Doktor Zed"""When I say something that you might think is a gaffe, it’s on purpose"""
2019-01-182207130Doktor Zed‘Our country is in a hellhole right now’—Cardi B
2019-01-072078123Doktor Zed"""I may declare a national emergency dependent on what's gonna happen…"""
2018-12-202314131zachlipton"""We need wall"""
2018-12-072157141Doktor Zed"""Very legal & very cool""—Individual 1"
2018-11-251813117zachlipton"""I would give myself an A+, is that enough? Can I go higher than that?"""
2018-11-092003116Doktor ZedNo One Is Above the Law
2018-11-052147243ChrysostomANGER IS AN ENERGY
2018-10-301991148box"""You Know What I Am? I'm a [] Nationalist."""
2018-10-182015126Doktor Zed"""Game on, Tiny"""
2018-10-091373118Rainbo Vagrant"""pRoVen INnoCeNt"""
2018-09-282337138zachlipton"""Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter""—Dr. Christine Blasey Ford"
2018-09-242131114Rainbo VagrantIs it pitchfork time yet?
2018-09-142056136Doktor ZedPaulie Manafort Flips, Bada Bing Bada Boom
2018-09-042069110zachlipton"""This is treason"""
2018-08-271403116Doktor Zed"""Do not despair of our present difficulties""—Sen. John McCain"
2018-08-201659133Doktor Zed"""Truth Isn't Truth"""
2018-08-131119109Doktor Zed"""Is the president aware of what’s going on?"""
2018-08-051597135box"""Collusion is not a legal term."""
2018-07-301090109box"""Colluding about Russians--I'm not sure that's even a crime."""
2018-07-172456150Doktor ZedNone Dare Call It Treason
2018-07-052540165Doktor ZedHis direct object is the establishment of an absolute Tyranny
2018-06-242567166Two unicycles and some duct tapethere are moments in time when people need to live their convictions
2018-06-152541103From Bklynthe chickens are coming home to roost... any day now.
2018-06-042522120T.D. StrangeThe Constitutional Crisis is here. It's been here.
2018-05-212270149carsonbAbusing public office for private enrichment
2018-05-092075173zachliptonHow did you assemble this list? Carefully.
2018-04-27228187nangar... the great wolf Fenris rose from the deep
2018-04-152249128Doktor ZedComey Is Not Trump's Homey
2018-04-052291130Doktor ZedWe Have Always Been at Trade War with China
2018-03-232125108MerusLawyer Up, Delete Facebook, Hit Kim Jong-Un
2018-03-152257117msaltFear and Trembling and the Sickness Unto Death
2018-03-082008111murphy slawReminder: Nunberg was less than a Scaramucci ago
2018-02-28180191murphy slawBehind every little fish is a great white lie
2018-02-15230788Emmy RaeFresh politics thread.
2018-02-15127248Jacqueline"When ""see something, say something"" fails"
2018-02-051837101darkstarWell, for once, the rich white man is in control!
2018-01-25194692yogaWhen you're going through hell, keep going.
2018-01-16209698darkstarIf anybody needs me, I’ll be in the Angrydome.
2018-01-052169116Emmy RaeIt's been almost a year of this crap.
2017-12-25127698boxDo You Hear What I Hear?
2017-12-13207093Emmy RaeNo jokes, just a new politics thread
2017-12-121244107RhaomiStruggle for the Heart of Dixie
2017-12-012109129MerusCollusion Course
2017-11-192561103MerusThanks for nothing
2017-11-102473106MerusIt's a great day for America, everybody!
2017-11-09156577RhaomiLord willing and the creek don't rise
2017-11-061119101ChrysostomBastards stole their power / from the victims of the Us v Them years
2017-11-0225650Anonymousthe first cut won't hurt at all
2017-10-2926400Anonymous"""...and now the facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING!"""
2017-10-2417100Anonymous"""Mr. President, I rise today to say: Enough."""
2017-10-1622090Anonymous"""He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation"""
2017-10-033091118Merus"""My family and I can't live in good intentions, Marge!"""
2017-10-02113735MattWPBS50 plus dead in Las Vegas mass shooting
2017-09-2522380Anonymousthere once was a man from New York
2017-09-152208113darkstarYou raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Bravo!
2017-09-042467123darkstarAnd I'll go into people's houses at night and wreck up the place!
2017-08-272082105darkstarTwirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!
2017-08-182924126darkstarReacting swiftly, Mayor Quimby has declared Mob Rule.
2017-08-122217113CMcGUnite the Right Descends on Charlottesville, Virginia
2017-08-112757117darkstarThe frogurt is also cursed.
2017-08-05120692zarqMisogyny based on flawed/erroneous/outdated social science theories
2017-08-042637109AlexiaSkyThe Grandest Stage of Them All
2017-07-292938121darkstarSo long, and thanks for all the fish!
2017-07-252832120triggerfinger"""Are my methods unsound?"" ""I don't see any method at all, sir."""
2017-07-202713143murphy slaw88 Lines About The 45th President
2017-07-113524143Excommunicated Cardinal"""There's a good chance I may have committed some light...treason."""
2017-06-302890116filthy light thiefIt's day 162 with POTUS45, marking another helluva week in US news
2017-06-20295297Excommunicated CardinalGeorgia on My Mind: All Bets are Ossoff
2017-06-133041120Excommunicated CardinalThe Sessions Sessions: The Confederate General Babbles Before Congress
2017-06-071612110WordshoreBaron Von Thunderclap for Mid Sussex: The 2017 UK General Election
2017-06-0630190Anonymousa problem occurred with this country so it was reloaded
2017-05-3029240Anonymousthis kid is insane, man
2017-05-222999106murphy slawI Have A Very Good Brain And I've Said A Lot Of Things
2017-05-173318139filthy light thiefIt has been _0_ days since the last Trump disaster
2017-05-123033140Excommunicated CardinalObstruction of Justice, Witness Intimidation, Oh My!
2017-05-082960162zachlipton"""It's fake news until it's old news"""
2017-04-273263122martin q blankFull of sound and fury/ Signifying, umm, what?
2017-04-172801106filthy light thiefWe gave you power, we can take it away. Watch us.
2017-04-06277292darkstarThe Widening Gyre
2017-03-302726113filthy light thiefFeed the Tamagotchi or democracy dies
2017-03-243222143jfergHe's been up all night listening to Mohammed's radio...
2017-03-19241690Johnny WallflowerRebellion has its roots in government's indifference and incompetence.
2017-03-13259387roomthreeseventeenThe Trump administration dons a tinfoil hat
2017-03-082261125zachliptonDid you see the politics? It made me angry.
2017-03-032602116fedwardWe're Going to Build a Wall (No Guarantee It Will Hold)
2017-02-28264586roomthreeseventeenState of a divided union
2017-02-222547118triggerfingerIt's Constituent Work Week!
2017-02-19165497TalezThe Russian Thread Reset
2017-02-162367117TalezWe Are Only One Menstrual Cycle in and There Is Blood in the Water
2017-02-142790108roomthreeseventeen"""Kellyanne, that makes no sense."""
2017-02-09287897roomthreeseventeenDemoralizing and disheartening times.
2017-02-052953184SleeperThe Trump roundup
2017-02-022136119CoventryTyrants v. the endurance of those whom they oppress.
2017-01-303342133saturday_morningTeam of Revileds
2017-01-273199136WordshoreAn interesting week of politics has occurred in a former British colony
2017-01-23304299roomthreeseventeenBuilding a Cabinet
2017-01-20323595WordshoreThe inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America
2017-01-143210107snuffleupagusThe Penultimate Week
2017-01-073855118roomthreeseventeenNo new information for those who have been paying attention.
2016-12-16268291WordshoreDelegate decision day: does Dudley Dudley derail Donald's dystopia?
2016-12-09266292WordshoreYou can’t count votes that never got a chance to be cast
2016-12-02231893Wordshore"""He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president"""
2016-11-25245493WordshoreOur first Magic 8-Ball president.
2016-11-182714101WordshoreI still wake up and remember who is the President-elect
2016-11-13312992WordshoreThe nation that destroys its soil destroys itself: after the US election
2016-11-10256071WordshoreAfter the 2016 US election
2016-11-08305369cortexElection Night II: Load Balancing Boogaloo
2016-11-082431113WordshoreOf the people, by the people, and for the people: US election day
2016-11-062658123Wordshore♪♫ The world turned upside down. Finally, it's US election week.
2016-11-023333101ChurchHatesTucker♪♫ Ev'ry day you fight, like you’re running out of time
2016-10-283594139WordshoreCasting our vote is the ultimate way we go high when they go low
2016-10-213761122WordshoreAlexander Hamilton's beany guacamole dip: 18 days to go
2016-10-19377593ChurchHatesTucker♪♫ Oh my God. Tear this dude apart.
2016-10-144468158WordshoreThe disrespect of our ambitions and intellect
2016-10-113381106WordshoreMy saying is: We win and lose together
2016-10-09404082ChurchHatesTucker♪♫ Don’t modulate the key then not debate with me!
2016-10-082490205Rhaomi[ELECTION 2016] ♪♫ He’s never gon' be President now... ♪♫
2016-10-04388985ChurchHatesTuckerSend in your seconds, see if they can set the record straight
2016-09-293473146rabbitrabbit[Election 2016] If you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for?
2016-09-263725110ChurchHatesTuckerAsk him a question: it glances off, he obfuscates, he dances.
2016-09-1645891AnonymousAt least we know she knows where France is.
2016-09-12319993ChurchHatesTuckerHonestly, it's kind of draining
2016-09-05334799ChurchHatesTuckerYou're openly campaigning? Sure!
2016-08-29349092filthy light thiefThere’s only one way for us to win this / Provoke outrage, outright
2016-08-22328792sallybrownPeace and Quiet and Open Air / Wait for Us / Somewhere
2016-08-172445102Rhaomi"""Buckle up."""
2016-08-122633102zarq...a moment in history where it is almost hard to catch your breath.
2016-08-0835700AnonymousI want to be in the room where it happens
2016-08-033004101tivalasvegasHere at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand / A mighty woman
2016-07-29337979roomthreeseventeen100 days
2016-07-28348647roomthreeseventeenBest of women. (DNC Day 4)
2016-07-27314571Talez4:30PM, On a Wednesday, Philadelphia PA - The Gang Rigs the DNC Primary
2016-07-26260457zachliptonIt's hot as hell in Philadelphia
2016-07-25312057misskazChase the Clouds Away
2016-07-23158948ThePinkSuperheroElection Update: John Adams Doesn't Have A Real Job Anyway
2016-07-21367047roomthreeseventeenSummon all the courage you require, then count. (Day 1, 2, 3, FOUR) RNC
2016-07-20169942Holy Zarquon's Singing FishRNC Part III: Return Of The Nominee (probably)
2016-07-19140644roomthreeseventeenJefferson has beliefs. Burr has none. (RNC, Day 2)
2016-07-18190374roomthreeseventeenThe RNC.
2016-07-12176057ThePinkSuperheroUS Presidential Election Roundup: But If You Had to Choose
2016-07-06184492standardasparagusWhen Black Lives Stop Mattering
2016-06-29221445roomthreeseventeenThe campaign lurches into the summer
2016-06-272035164the man of twists and turnsThe Full English Brexit
2016-06-22274296marienbadUK Goes To Polls In EU Referendum
2016-06-13315040roomthreeseventeenThe last primary
2016-06-12119546Drinky DiePolice: 50 killed in Florida nightclub terror attack.
2016-06-07278953peeedroWe are on the brink of a historic moment...
2016-06-0116400Anonymous159 days to go. Stay strong
2016-05-24205257Krom Tatmanmost of these could still have Wolverine slapped on to them just cause
2016-05-19297943WordshoreNothing is certain, except death and taxes and a US election campaign.
2016-05-09255757WordshoreWhat variety of cheese would Donald be? The 2016 US election continues.
2016-05-03236153Jacob KnitigTrump will be the Republican standard-bearer
2016-04-26132437WordshoreCrossing the Delaware: five primaries in the US election