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2019-02-12421someone once told me the real action was in the footnotes
2020-02-17201crude gospel
2019-06-06161Berlin: Symphony of a Great City
2012-06-14151"""She hadn’t seen an orange in years"""
2018-08-13262“Archaeology is always a race against the clock,”
2015-03-09524Forgetting Fear
2016-10-15252“We must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform,”
2014-06-04242"""not far short of 50% have come into the language from French or Latin."""
2019-12-06232100 years of Red Vienna
2019-07-12111counting to 10
2016-02-11666past performance is no guarantee of future results
2013-07-13222"""No doubt about it, journalists are targets now,"""
2013-04-06747"""chance favors only the prepared mind"""
2015-02-20697"""Black, queer, feminist, erased from history"""
2015-09-27687Silica Valley
2017-09-16657"""Great travel writing makes no pretense of objectivity,"""
2016-08-13374when the chips are down
2015-04-18465Hire a typist
2014-04-0491In Situ
2014-03-0891Time In Motion
2018-02-07637"“Their speech is like no other in the world:"""
2016-05-04182'Find lawmakers, votes and bills'
2016-02-29182“please tell him that I am the American Sholem Aleichem.”
2014-01-18182Баллада о солдате
2014-12-10182The River of Money
2016-11-19354The Little Gray Wolf Will Come
2016-02-07617afrofuturism from the past
2014-12-28597Meet Portia
2015-04-27334History as data science
2020-02-18334"""my whole survey of the world’s surface and the heavens"""
2019-01-17243the nicest sense of personal honor
2019-01-04395it helps if its the equinox
2014-05-22233A New Perspective
2020-04-09233best with headphones.
2015-10-30304When Canada Learned It Had Spies
2017-03-10365"""carry these pictures in thine eyes till a suitable time comes"""
2018-02-19213from psy-op pamphlet to stateside souvenier
2020-06-09355“what didn’t you do to bury me / but you forgot that I was a seed”
2015-06-30213Aarne–Thompson 410
2015-01-27284The Mystery Of Faith
2020-06-04558“that may be alright for Will Self or one of those fellas”
2014-07-18345ORBIS TERRARUM
2018-08-30203"""How would an alien see us?"""
2013-12-197912μὴ ζῴην μετ᾽ ἀμουσίας
2018-01-047211"""didn’t I just read this on the front page yesterday morning?"""
2017-10-18132beyond the trailers
2014-07-30132being the other
2015-08-28132Under such conditions, Stiob aesthetics made sense
2014-08-27264xylem never looked so good
2015-04-21325students, artists, lazy people, poets, dreamers, even Polish physicians
2018-01-12325not you.
2019-07-11518where'd the money go?
2017-12-04386"""this terrible thing we're witnessing now is / not unique you know"""
2015-12-11193"""the founding of the first US libraries through the first 100 years"""
2014-08-02386one of the three great food cultures of the world.
2014-10-17559Opera On Demand
2020-05-21183the moral virtue of the historian
2015-06-2061L.A. To Nepal
2014-11-26183The Middle Man - or, A Manual Of Treason
2013-02-17122"""they are defenseless and easily murdered in their youths."""
2015-03-0661Darkness Lit From Within: On A.B. Yehoshua
2013-07-0361"""an early 1960s self-portrait as a pitchman"""
2015-05-04244"""The hell of Francisco Goya has no parallel in art."""
2017-05-07244National Sacrifice Zone
2015-01-05417A March to the Grave
2014-12-09417academic podcasts
2014-06-07417Reel, real, rial
2019-06-12234you are what you eat
2014-03-31173“Without Mercy” –U.S. Strategic Intelligence and Finland in the Cold War
2014-12-13173"""Be brave but never take chances"""
2016-11-16509Librarians on the planning commission!
2013-04-236111“Rituals are the glue that holds social groups together.”
2016-07-29224' Still, the pivotal year was 1972, and the place was Austin. '
2016-02-25112“Collection GOERING, inventaire des peintures.”
2020-01-17224Semantic Noodling And Meaning Machines
2019-12-20112Indian Relay
2019-07-02224“Why don’t you tell her the real reason you’re at camp?”
2018-07-258816Figures In The Stars
2015-05-21336BIG ANALOG
2018-03-22275poppies! poppies!
2013-11-11275"""One can see why virgins went astray."""
2015-09-29326The Architecture of Waste
2015-09-11326Tribal Life in Old Lyme: Canada’s Colorblind Chronicler
2020-07-07163Conquest, extermination, domination and extraction
2018-01-17214eye in the storm
2013-05-19265"""to restructure your debt is to declare yourself similar to …"""
2018-10-30367"“Our heads were on the penny first, of course,"""
2014-11-23418Sunday Reading
2017-12-12418Kipple Field Notes
2017-02-24469blacks swans, the dragon king, and the power law
2014-08-08153"""Deep, deep, deep down I know that dream was never mine"""
2014-07-22153Replaying the Tape
2020-01-31153“when it’s done, it’s just going to be a big, dumb wall,”
2016-11-25102"GPS collars, camera traps, and something called a ""beakometer"""
2019-12-2451I've always associated Elfman's scores with Christmas
2019-12-31102"""deep in thousands of pages of court records spread across two states"""
2020-01-07153The Land Of The Strong People
2018-04-257415recetas tradicionales mexicanas
2020-05-11296The Pearl Of The Desert
2019-04-07296turns utopian & technical, brilliant & cockamamie, syncretic & specific
2018-08-23245archaology of the ephemeral
2020-05-055712Get Fat, Don't Die
2014-12-22337Art Authenticity
2012-07-26143'he watched bodies floating outside the city walls ... much as the deforested trees floated down from Lebanon.'
2018-11-16143"""Art is not a plaything, but a necessity,"""
2019-12-09143"""It is not a heroic tale. It is about New Orleans."""
2020-02-06235"""There is no splitting these things apart."""
2013-12-16184The Last of the Unjust
2014-08-20276The Art & Design of Protest
2014-01-2992"""Tell me a story about yourself that isn't true"""
2013-06-269421"""A culture of dissent must be nurtured and protected if it is to thrive"""
2015-02-2412528Observe. Orient. Decide. Act.
2016-10-29317if nobody sees you, did it happen?
2015-09-145312Usually the author happens to have a map on hand
2014-12-315312A Sword Among Lions
2012-03-03225"""You can do precise statistics about what's in your database, and may be completely wrong about the world."""
2019-03-15225art and science, craft and engineering
2017-05-21133DOTA and StarCraft
2020-04-24133meet HANK
2017-04-14266The useful village
2017-10-12133land, money, labor, and stains
2013-03-12133"""She’s not some new age healer, she’s disruptive."""
2018-01-25133bourgeois value
2014-07-1213431The Ghetto Is Public Policy
2016-10-02174"""a zero-knowledge proof for nuclear-weapons verification"""
2013-03-25174Libraries: Not Just For Books
2015-06-04348The Cirque of the Unclimbables
2014-07-31215This is a story about the tiny trails of history the beads have left us.
2013-10-23215The PsyWar Society
2019-06-298420Public Domain Krazy Kat
2015-05-08256The Desert Blues
2015-02-035413"""the people who are figuring out why we fight and how to make us stop"""
2015-08-055413"""too radical, too weird and too far ahead of its time"""
2018-11-276115coming home
2017-05-14205DARK WATERS
2013-05-08123"""a job that is so vital to human dignity and human rights."""
2015-04-25123The Last Ride Of The Polo Shirt Bandit
2015-02-2582"""all those decisions are always subjective, creative, and political"""
2017-05-16369Tracks as system
2016-02-06246Red Africa
2014-01-2682"""The Simplicity And Banality of Paper"""
2017-11-20123their day in court
2014-01-14164Wilderness Women
2016-10-19123just let it run
2013-10-24164"""Statlas also makes it easy to spot the littler plays"""
2015-12-215915"""These deaths are concentrated in poor, segregated neighborhoods"""
2019-01-063910an evolutionary cyclic approach to data-sharing
2018-03-123910(low) power to the people
2015-10-3115239'you're 'fugees now'
2018-10-27318travels in space, travels in time
2015-04-22236An Interview with T. M. Scanlon
2014-05-28236A Sprawling Digital Collage of a Dystopian Future
2019-04-12195The Rule Of Law
2014-01-205715String Theory
2015-01-19154“finance is a practice oriented industry”
2013-04-17154"""how much of this distress existed pre-Sandy?"""
2015-08-104111"""It was necessary also to fish for one's dress"""
2016-02-05267A Flag for No Nations
2017-08-29267well, have a nap.
2017-07-19267"""criminal versatility"""
2013-01-17267Tree Houses and Hotels
2017-07-187721FOR ADULTS ONLY
2018-04-13226ground rents, direct democracy, and volunteers
2012-10-15226"""Many of the great political crimes of recent history were committed in the name of memory."""
2012-10-253610"""Crossroads possess a certain dangerous potency."""
2013-05-273610"""I love the idea of witnessing the birth of that word."""
2013-04-204312How I Met My Dead Parents
2014-04-025315who ... ventures to live only by the aid of the Mutual Insurance Company
2012-07-0472The Gallery of Lost Art
2016-11-183510"""To be in Unicode. That is my main goal.”"""
2015-02-21216The Boys Who Loved Birds
2018-10-16144there is another ...
2015-08-08144China’s most controversial,most honored, most censored author
2019-01-05288For games unplayed and unknown
2017-09-0172Theatre of War
2018-10-07288Klahowya, nika tillcum
2014-08-1772Exploring the Invisible
2019-12-144513"""the nexus of various intersecting social realities of privilege"""
2016-03-01175human experience in the built environment
2016-08-23175From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration
2015-07-153711Where Is The Power?
2015-06-026720‘Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us’
2015-03-17206Does Star Wars ask: whose worldview and style of life will triumph? Yes
2020-04-05206"'don't you come near me, ""cap"" stubbs!'"
2018-05-16103A Friend In Need
2015-06-26103Demography is Destiny?
2015-07-20103Goscelin, patron saint of academics on contingent, short-term contracts
2015-04-09237droplet ballet