Which posts in MetaFilter from 2014-01-01 through 2014-12-31 have the most comments?

2014-08-123467Artw"Don’t shoot me"
2014-08-183365PhireEscalating Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri
2014-10-132199rorgy#Gamergate, as we know it now, is a hate group.
2014-05-012098dogheartThe Silence of the Fannibals
2014-03-071993divabatMH370 missing
2014-11-241980RaginiFrom Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin -- and now Mike Brown
2014-07-081856Noisy Pink BubblesIsrael bombing Gaza again
2014-06-261839Wordshore2014 FIFA World Cup: From the Round of 16 to the Winner
2014-05-241833a fiendish thingy"I wish girls were attracted to me. I don’t know why they aren’t."
2014-03-311813codacorollaConsuming Hannibal
2014-07-08131426.2The Beautiful Moments in the Beautiful Game (Game Day Edition)
2014-06-301191leotrotskyHobby Lobby
2014-09-171079Happy DaveFor fifteen hours, we hold sovereignty in our hands
2014-07-04966travelwithcatsGet your game on! Sex and Sports
2014-10-27957torisaurJian Ghomeshi fired from CBC
2014-02-28954dogheartIt's nice to have an old friend for dinner.
2014-02-02948Brandon BlatcherWhen to Separate the Art From the Artist
2014-02-25922empathNot too big to fail.
2014-01-13901zerobyproxyHigh cuisine with no high chair.
2014-12-09887Noisy Pink BubblesCIA Torture Report Released
2014-09-06867griphusJust some shitty nerds in an IRC channel.
2014-08-11856CarillonRIP Robin Williams
2014-01-087821970s Antihero"Time For Some Traffic Problems In Fort Lee"
2014-07-12761needledDilma Rousseff's Political Future and the World Cup
2014-05-22734[insert clever name here]The Mother of All Self Links?
2014-02-28734rosswaldThe Cold War Revives, Heats-Up
2014-12-29702prize bull octorokPrivilege doesn't mean you don't suffer
2014-08-25686oceanjesseThe incremental to surpass all incrementals
2014-10-28656Greg Nog10 hours of street harrassment, edited down to two minutes
2014-08-11652diosThe humanity has been reduced to nothingness.
2014-09-01642LibraryptJennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Isn't A 'Scandal.'
2014-03-28639CarillonA tweet too far. #cancelcolbert and twitter hashtagivism
2014-08-26637tonycpsu"Professors are citizens."
2014-06-10630monospaceTake it easy babe
2014-03-25621PussKillianRacism, Sexism, and Hannibal: Eat the Rude
2014-09-25612monospaceSay Ello...
2014-10-28598saintjoeStill No Howard the Duck
2014-11-28589entropicamericanaLook, It's Only One More Season...
2014-06-30581infiniBlog of the Centre for Imperial and Global History-University of Exeter
2014-04-09569roomthreeseventeenMadness is genius
2014-12-24567SinisterPurposeAnother Toothpick
2014-03-27564domnitWe are personally affected by his actions
2014-11-19557urbanwhalesharkCampus rape
2014-08-27549Fizz"And I’m going to keep doing it, unless you pay me to stop."
2014-09-08548KybardRay Rice cut by the Ravens, suspended indefinitely
2014-06-23532marienbadAlgeria make history
2014-11-11529Tom-BLanding on a comet LIVE!
2014-06-05526flabdabletContributing to the delinquency of a minor
2014-05-06525and they trembled before her furyi didn't feel bad.
2014-01-15516shivohumDoes God Exist?
2014-04-28503JacquelineSecret Merlings! Secret Merlings everywhere!
2014-02-26499tyllwinThe Yellow King
2014-03-06487blahblahblahThe past is a foreign country, also the present
2014-03-06472memebakeThe Face Behind Bitcoin
2014-09-09470Holy Zarquon's Singing FishThe End Of An Era
2014-02-02470MissySedaiAward-winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in Manhattan
2014-02-22469SkylitDrawlGrowing Up in a Cocoon
2014-11-04463stbalbachYo Voté
2014-06-05460boxAgainst YA
2014-07-21451joseph conrad is fully awesomeBloggers review the It-bag of the moment: the Michael Kors Selma handbag
2014-01-28450Drinky DieThe Era of Big Metafilter is Over
2014-01-05443ninjewPOLAR VORTEX
2014-08-29435Mike Mongo"The problem is I'm black. That's the problem."
2014-11-24430Going To MaineInternet culture puts trolling on a pedestal
2014-10-22421dry white toastGunmen on loose in Downtown Ottawa
2014-02-19418Kitteh"What a bunch of a-holes."
2014-04-29415jbickersThe movie opens worldwide on December 18, 2015.
2014-05-27412mathowieGoogle unveils a self-driving car
2014-10-21404josher71Bill Cosby/Hannibal Buress
2014-08-27402joseph conrad is fully awesomeWomen as Background Decoration: Part 2 (Tropes vs Women in Video Games)
2014-05-06401tonycpsu"I didn’t want my shop burned down."
2014-05-29397the man of twists and turnsFree from Choice
2014-08-26389adamvascoA new and terrifying state has been born.
2014-06-01386Rory MarinichWWDC 2014: Buttons so different you won't want to lick them anymore
2014-06-12385roomthreeseventeenAbout That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago
2014-01-20382(Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) OatesRichard Sherman
2014-04-30381LemurrheaRob Ford is entering rehab
2014-11-16379joseph conrad is fully awesomeWe may get a shirt celebrating women in science.
2014-07-09371cross_impactA less intellectually lazy atheism?
2014-08-28360stbalbachLet's be clear: Russia is invading Ukraine right now
2014-06-28360CODWe all really are just rats in the Facebook maze
2014-07-07358flexloaded questions
2014-07-03357flexmen as feminist allies
2014-06-22357twoleftfeetIf you can only watch one soccer game...
2014-01-16357ignignokt"Gandalf as Ring-Lord would have been far worse than Sauron."
2014-10-04356VikingSwordWhy War?
2014-06-10355MuddlerFirst they came for your raw milk, then your Parmigiano Reggiano
2014-07-06354emjaybeeJust Leave.
2014-04-07353EtriganLetterman Retires, Conan Waits by Phone
2014-12-14351DreadnoughtSituation in Sydney
2014-02-24351mightygodkingHopefully he didn't cross the streams
2014-02-03351tizzieScience Guy versus "God" Guy
2014-01-19350The WhelkBut what about the dogs?!
2014-06-10347tonycpsuMajority Leader Eric Cantor defeated by Tea Party challenger Dave Brat
2014-11-19346brundleflyNobody in history has ever listened to an entire episode front-to-back
2014-01-02343scrump...and her name is Arabella Bianculli-Jakande
2014-07-29342joseph conrad is fully awesomeFeminism, stereotypes, and Nicki Minaj's album cover (NSFW)
2014-07-29342MartinWisse"If you care about WisCon, rebuild it."
2014-04-24341MisantropicPainforestI didn't ask.
2014-09-12339homunculusMisogyny and the Atheist Movement
2014-04-10339moviehawkA New Nation
2014-03-19338the man of twists and turns“I don’t want to sound too glib about this. This is a serious concern.”
2014-01-29332grumpybear69How good is your English vocabulary, really?
2014-04-01327OnceUponATimeThe Yellow Umbrella and the Blue French Horn
2014-09-10324Faint of ButtRedder and redder, and prettier and prettier.
2014-08-07323four panelsBill of Mights
2014-05-01323tonycpsuState-Sponsored Horror in Oklahoma
2014-12-04322ThatFuzzyBastardWhat Would Sam Fucking Adams Say
2014-02-05322save alive nothing that breathethCoin Rules Everything Around Me
2014-08-04321joseph conrad is fully awesomeYour wardrobe should always revolve around you, not the latest trend
2014-04-04317penguinlizBeing a superhero is awesome, everyone should try it
2014-10-08315jbickersWhy Obama is "a historic success"
2014-04-12315MartinWisseSo Android phones turn out to be too working class to be interesting
2014-01-27315nickyskyeA time to be born and a time to die
2014-11-24311feckless fecal fear mongeringYOU'RE DOING IT WRONG
2014-11-12311shivohumAre Democrats elitist?
2014-11-06310almostmandaI am not familiar with what a spirit animal is or does.
2014-12-30307roomthreeseventeenMy death needs to mean something.
2014-07-31307garlicAre you a horrible person, or only pretending to be a horrible person?
2014-12-08303KittehCooking isn't fun, but you should do it anyway.
2014-10-27303entropicamericanaBegun, the Wallet Wars, have.
2014-09-15302ymgve"Anyway, my price is two billion dollars."
2014-12-29300The WhelkKim Kardashian doesn't visit Versailles. She is Versailles.
2014-03-05300bhnycTrigger warnings needed in classroom?
2014-06-11298feckless fecal fear mongeringTrigger warning: Child Abuse
2014-05-03298roomthreeseventeen"descends recklessly, like an Obama-sanctioned drone"
2014-02-28298timsteilTea and Sympathy
2014-05-10295desjardinsIt's only supposed to be 30% of your income
2014-01-17295I am the WalrusOhio executes inmate using untried, untested lethal injection method
2014-08-23294feckless fecal fear mongeringConsequences
2014-06-18293troikaWashington Football Team
2014-02-11293Apropos of SomethingHappy-Go-Lucky Brand
2014-11-03292RolandOfEldA national treasure drives off into the sunset, perhaps belching smoke.
2014-10-03292roomthreeseventeen"A beautiful, obviously mixed race little girl"
2014-09-30292almostmandaCooking is really stupid.
2014-02-16291hydropsycheOn the Killing of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn
2014-07-23289joseph conrad is fully awesome"a whisper of perfection in an otherwise cruel and inhumane world"
2014-01-06289AnyamatopoeiaJustice does not take the shape of punishment eagerly dispensed.
2014-02-27288the young rope-riderIs Home Birth In the US Safe?
2014-03-21287MartinWisseAre we real fans yet?
2014-10-22286The WhelkNothing Lasts Forever
2014-08-13286LizBoBizDougiestan: A clear mind and a full heart
2014-12-05285joseph conrad is fully awesomeGritty, not glossy: 70s films
2014-05-02285whyareyouatriangleBe it resolved state surveillance is a legitimate defence of our freedom
2014-10-29284Christ, what an assholeNaked Scripture Vs. Geopolitical Influence
2014-01-07284NavelgazerAlli Reed's OKCupid Experiment
2014-06-15283crayzposting such things on an Internet forum could cause incalculable harm
2014-04-27283GhidorahDonald Sterling has no place in our league.
2014-05-14282Brent ParkerAll sorrows are less with bread.
2014-03-20282Ruthless BunnyWhat's the opposite of (.)
2014-07-29280Happy DaveEbola reaches Nigeria's largest city
2014-09-12275NoxAeternumReddit: Somalia Of The Internet
2014-12-05274doctornemoAgainst detoxing
2014-10-20273MartinWisseI also check my skeletons twice. You can never be too careful.
2014-07-30272EtriganNo stakes, not relatable. I think I'm realizing: Shakespeare sucks.
2014-06-03271Countess ElenaFolie a deux, 2014
2014-04-28271KittehIt's because you either found Jesus or had a baby.
2014-02-24270ThePinkSuperheroI Give Up
2014-12-08269VikingSwordLOST CAUSE: Dems, It’s Time to Dump Dixie
2014-08-19269lpcxa0Isis claims to have beheaded an American journalist missing in Syria
2014-07-20269sweetkid“I’m surprised that you’re offended.”
2014-02-06269KokuRyuDiscursive use of time, ambivalence, banality, and wonder.
2014-09-17267EvilsporkIt's now or never.
2014-10-23263griphushassled by the cops for taking too many photographs of freight trains
2014-06-04262dances_with_sneetchesRocky Mountain High
2014-10-12259ocherdracoWhy don’t we all just play.
2014-04-02259diosSupreme Court Campaign Finance Opinion Issued
2014-01-25259tonycpsuOccupy Godwin Street
2014-03-18258rcraniac“I’m just not attracted to Asian men.”
2014-11-05257Brandon BlatcherOn race, feminism and allegations concerning Lena Dunham
2014-11-02257Wordshore2014 midterm elections: keeping "Will Hillary Run?" off the front pages
2014-04-20257escabecheGraeme Downes on Lorde
2014-10-14256bearwifeThe Enemy of my Enemy is . . . Richard Posner?
2014-01-28256ob1quixoteAtlanta Snow Jam 2014
2014-09-04254JpfedStandard (flavored) Markdown
2014-06-09254galvanized unicornYour stick family is delicious
2014-09-28253brundlefly"We haven’t found the right planet."
2014-05-22253HoraceHNo helmet? No Problem.
2014-03-13253escabecheIt can't hurt to ask
2014-01-06250turbid dahliaeSexism
2014-07-25249mishaWAF? More like WTF.
2014-01-28249Rufus T. FireflyMan can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills...
2014-09-15248Faint of Butt"massive quantities of barely edible fried items" (p. 200)
2014-01-02247roomthreeseventeenI Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot
2014-11-25246DiablevertAKA "American Regional Food Stereotypes Are Entirely Accurate" -NY Times
2014-11-18245tonycpsu...they’d look into "your personal lives, your families"
2014-03-11244cosmic.osmo"I guess [you] don’t care about hard work or loyalty," said the manager.
2014-06-27242MartinWisse"a critical mass of people suddenly noticed just how rapey this show is"
2014-08-01241MartinWisseToo many brewers hopped on the craft bandwagon
2014-06-10241The WhelkSo many floating tone arms!
2014-03-17241ChrysostomJulie Horvath Describes Sexism And Intimidation Behind Her GitHub Exit