Which posts in MetaFilter from 2013-01-01 through 2013-12-31 have the most comments?

2013-04-194896RhaomiBoston in lockdown as hunt for marathon bombers unfolds
2013-04-154401knileExplosions at Boston Marathon Finish Line
2013-10-092804saulgoodmanEven a rising tide can't raise a sinking ship...
2013-05-062419sweetkidNo one's ever on your side, Betty.
2013-06-062243donajoPreviously, on Mad Men
2013-10-012196Rhaomi"""October is a fine and dangerous season in America"""
2013-10-312009maudlinSurely THIS ... Rob Ford documents released, video described by police
2013-07-131972maiZimmerman acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin
2013-06-251701emjaybeePro-Choice Filibuster in the Texas Senate
2013-04-081478MezentianThe Iron Lady has rusted away
2013-03-201426nicolas léonard sadi carnotFurore over sexism being called out at PyCon
2013-04-071408Potomac AvenueThey're not the same men
2013-03-131070gkhanGoogle Illiterate
2013-05-161055(Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) OatesFor Sale: A Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack Cocaine
2013-06-091004bitmageI do not expect to see home again.
2013-06-12935pjenksBreaking: NSA conducts espionage on foreign targets
2013-09-29923RhaomiThis ain't chemistry. This is Art.
2013-06-01885Ursula HitlerMatt Smith is leaving Doctor Who
2013-09-15864Rory Marinich...and despair.
2013-02-25808KokuRyu“We Saw Your Boobs.”
2013-02-27798roomthreeseventeenPrivilege to pee
2013-05-27767bardic"""Misplaced Honor"""
2013-08-05756fearfulsymmetryThe Uncertainty Principle
2013-06-26753theora55DOMA Unconstitutional, Yippie-Ki-Yay!
2013-05-13710Area ManLove is the Law
2013-03-12709CrazyLemonadeThe Conclave to elect the 266th Pope of the Catholic church has begun
2013-02-10707fantodsticThe Christopher Dorner Manhunt
2013-07-03699MartinWisseReporting Harassment at a Convention: A First-Person How To
2013-06-28680jeffburdgesEach time you open your mouth.. I see Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman..
2013-08-01645Doktor ZedCodename: Whodini
2013-01-12620artychokeAlaska ISN'T an island?!
2013-02-11610DumsnillThe pope resigns
2013-06-02603JacquelineTraumatized by tonight's episode of Game of Thrones?
2013-05-15594AtreidesOn Why Star Trek is Great
2013-06-20587zooDealing with it.
2013-10-22584jim in austinIt Could Be Worse
2013-09-18583pallen123"""I'll take a Mochachino minus the menacing youth counting ammo..."""
2013-12-09572FuturisticDragon"""You can't afford it? You can leave!"""
2013-11-13534SNWidget"""Be Mysterious. Dateable girls know how to shut up."""
2013-09-04529BlasdelbTeaching naked
2013-01-12518Llama-LimeOpen access, open internet, closed book
2013-07-01517ActionPopulatedRosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dad
2013-08-25511adamvascoAs the Sabres Rattle
2013-11-23508docjohn50 Years of Dr. Who
2013-09-06502BlasdelbWhy Do Men Keep Putting Me in the Girlfriend-Zone?
2013-09-16496SuzySmithActive shooter at Navy Yard in SE DC
2013-04-04496Snarl FurilloYou don't realize it, but we're at dinner right now.
2013-08-18494dabitchStep aside, Sir, so we can have a few words
2013-05-21492ArtwAnd then there was One?
2013-06-06487phaedonThe FBI, the NSA and your phone records in 2013.
2013-05-15483phaedonThe Customer Isn't Always Right
2013-06-21478yeozPenny Arcade and its Krahulik problem
2013-10-27472alexoscarLou Reed (1942 - 2013)
2013-08-15466cashmanKendrick Lamar's Verse on Control
2013-02-26462MeanwhileBackAtTheRanchGun Control might have become obsolete yesterday.
2013-05-22453hydatiusWoolwich Attack
2013-06-20449LushThe Pepe LePew Manual on Getting Pussy?
2013-03-05447backseatpilotReticulating Splines
2013-10-06444MartinWisseThat tour of the whole house thing Americans do is bizarre though
2013-05-21442davidjmcgeeLook, you're getting very upset, and this is just the first scene.
2013-09-05441lattiboyWe'd be happy to help you out with that spec....
2013-05-16439roomthreeseventeen"'So don't look."""
2013-09-23432WordshoreSomething is going to happen ... tomorrow.
2013-09-28421rcraniacKanye Versus Kimmel
2013-09-01421desjardins"I'll take ""What is Syria"" for $100, Alex"
2013-03-06411bqMr. Paul Goes To Washington
2013-12-03408MisantropicPainforestThe New Statesmen Moustache the question.
2013-12-27406crossoverman...you took Christopher and turned it into Krystougher.
2013-01-24405sparklemotionand ne'er the twain shall meet.
2013-10-21403dmdYAD KCOL SPAC
2013-06-06403brentajonesA bad day for privacy.
2013-04-04398MisantropicPainforest"Is the ""New Atheism"" movement Islamophobic?"
2013-01-24394wormwood23New Assault Weapons Legislation
2013-03-26389insectosaurusSCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments in Prop 8 Case
2013-09-04388LemurrheaWikipedia on Chelsea Manning
2013-08-30388GilgongoFettering discretion
2013-10-29387parudoxThe Logic of Stupid Poor People
2013-07-08387ArtwMonster Smash
2013-11-26379DoctorFedoraMeatFilter: Community Website
2013-08-21379anemone of the stateBradley Manning Sentenced
2013-10-23378JahazaLove Him, Hate His Politics
2013-09-27378troikaShutdown showdown
2013-06-28377mippyFriendzone bone? None. Alone.
2013-03-22370five fresh fishMy Little Pony Wife
2013-05-28369Rory MarinichA New Start
2013-03-18369ArtwBright Futures
2013-08-03367Foci for AnalysisFemale Experience Simulator
2013-05-20367Podkayne of PasadenaNot in Kansas Anymore
2013-12-17366ChrysostomDenise Richards, nuclear physicist
2013-06-09366fearfulsymmetryCrow Road
2013-05-11365BobbyVanWho Audits The Auditors?
2013-12-23363Rory Marinich"""Mirror twins are the ultimate twins. Fuck all you other twins."""
2013-08-27362MisantropicPainforestTwerking kills... or does it?
2013-06-30362anemone of the stateCodename: DROPMIRE
2013-05-01362CrunchyFrogCandy Box
2013-05-16361No RobotsChristians fight the Right
2013-06-22360houseofdanie"""Inappropriate and hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable."""
2013-12-05356mathowieRIP Nelson Mandela
2013-11-14355Mezentian... but perhaps not the one you were expecting.
2013-07-03354Area Man"""Keystone is worse than Heineken and murder."""
2013-07-31353The Whelk"Not Featured: ""Waterlillies"" or ""The Kiss"""
2013-09-22352Rory Marinich"""I'm *not* anti-science... I'm for *responsible* science."""
2013-01-31352Kitteh"""I give God 10%; Why do you get 18%"""
2013-09-19351najuThe Internet Hates Me
2013-01-16351(Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) OatesManti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax
2013-07-21349the man of twists and turnsThe Case Against The Confederacy
2013-09-23348zarq"""Stopping bad things is a significant public service."""
2013-09-25343fontophilic“You’ve been up for 15 minutes and you haven’t made me a sandwich?”
2013-07-18343rensar"""As an experiment, they dated for 40 days."""
2013-05-07343lkc1% exciting and 99% heartbreaking
2013-02-07343roomthreeseventeen"First you were all like ""whoa"", and we were like ""whoa"""
2013-01-16341duboldWelcome to the world where Sandy Hook didn’t really happen.
2013-10-19340blahblahblahMary begat Lisa which begat Jennifer which begat Ashley....
2013-08-25340rcraniacThe Implosion of Hollywood
2013-08-08337bzbbTalking at the Movies, Cultural Hegemony, and Menswear Blogging
2013-11-05336ArtwFringe History
2013-04-23336shakespeherianSeducing the sexually inexperienced Tom Cruise
2013-07-22332CrazyLemonadeThe Great Kate Wait almost over
2013-06-19332astapasta24Obesity Reclassified as a Disease
2013-03-19331flyingsquirrel"""God hates fags."" - Michelle Shocked, 3/17/13"
2013-12-23330blahblahblahWhat is your generic term for a sweetened carbonated beverage?
2013-10-01329paleyellowwithorangeHow I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chain Restaurants
2013-12-17327Etrigan"""You think you can do that to me?"""
2013-07-30326the young rope-rider"""The need for diapers is 'practically infinite'"""
2013-10-18325Atom Eyes"""like a panicked 14-year-old who has yet to sprout pubic hair"""
2013-03-03325ArtwThe gun of the fearful
2013-12-02324Rustic EtruscanTurn the lights out and say Benadryl Cumbia three times in front of a
2013-08-08323Annie Savoy“I’m Sick of Talking about Sexual Harassment!”
2013-07-09322IpsifendusAstonishing Chutzpah
2013-05-17322taz"""The Neighbors don’t know they are being photographed"""
2013-09-11316philip-randomBy VLADIMIR V. PUTIN Published: September 11, 2013
2013-07-01314showbiz_liznew to New York City and friendless
2013-05-22309marienbad"""...he doesn't even pay road tax! #Bloodycyclists."""
2013-12-06308roomthreeseventeenMaria, what is it you cannot face?
2013-09-05308ArtwSuper PAX Man
2013-05-08308divined by radio"""Let Wisconsin be the test case. Let us lead the way."""
2013-07-04307twoleftfeetPossibly the worst film ever
2013-12-11302NaberiusFlur Buh coppa Wee!
2013-07-16302DarlingBriLovin' It: Minimum wage budgeting without heat, food or gas.
2013-06-11302Rory Marinich"""Can't innovate anymore, my ass!"""
2013-10-18301markkraftFirst they came for the Black voters, but I did nothing, because...
2013-10-08300DirtyOldTownWe want to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Can you make us a reservation?
2013-08-26300modernserfTo The Dudebro Who Thinks He’s Insulting Me by Calling Me a Feminist
2013-08-13299jedicusWhat Kind of D&D Character Would You Be?
2013-06-03298eugenenAre celebrity interviews a farce?
2013-09-17297ArgyleWhy Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy
2013-09-10296MezentianVisual Basic? Seriously.
2013-12-06295charlie don't surfSell, Mortimer, Sell!
2013-08-01294allkindsoftimeSnowden walks free in Russia
2013-07-17294MisantropicPainforestDoes Anything Go?
2013-07-06291Red DeskPlane crashes while landing at San Francisco International Airport
2013-05-13291BobbyVan"""A serious interference with AP's constitutional rights..."""
2013-05-02289the man of twists and turns"Crossing the ""Red Line""?"
2013-02-01288RitonRadiance was her job.
2013-06-11287Cool Papa BellThey think he's a righteous dude.
2013-08-19286StewrifficUnauthorized, Unaffiliated and Unafraid
2013-11-08285Greg Nog"""gonzo satire destined, even designed, to be misunderstood."""
2013-06-04284MartinWisse"""There was never a call for suppression. There was a call for respect."""
2013-09-02282reenumParenthood Optional
2013-08-04282mattoxicIt's on
2013-06-22282andoatnpa long tradition of black artists for whom self-love is a political act
2013-03-05282moonbirdHugo Chavez: the revolutionary's final battle
2013-10-02281tonycpsuSilk Road shut down, owner indicted
2013-07-26281filthy light thiefPico Horror: terror in two sentences
2013-04-29281SebmojoA generous barrage of narcissism
2013-11-26280kmzWe are quite literally looking for a person that can do four jobs
2013-09-06280His thoughts were red thoughtsAustralia Decides: Old Moon-faced McPsychopath vs Sleazy McNoPlans
2013-06-13280corbA case for justice: the trial of George Zimmerman
2013-09-24279mightygodkingBaa baa black sheep / have you any wool / yes sir yes sir / kill all men
2013-09-12279kmzThe end of kindness: weev and the cult of the angry young man.
2013-11-13277KybardRest is a luxury for the rich
2013-06-13275xowie“I love animals, but he drove me to it.”
2013-06-01275anothermug"""Why does my vagina have to be your crutch?"""
2013-09-01272KittehThe Weirdest Things About America (YMMV).
2013-01-03272bitter-girl.comAnd they're worried about the *football team*?
2013-09-24269kmz"They’d look at me like I’m saying ""I’d like to give babies more cancer."""
2013-05-08269jokeefeHere is a picture of an airplane.
2013-02-10269hellojedWhen good food...goes bad
2013-11-19267spamandkimchi"""Overall, I think that Diamond is like Mao: 70% right and 30% wrong."""
2013-08-19267arcolzDorito Powder
2013-08-05267Potomac AvenueStop playing around with serious stuff like this
2013-05-07267snuffleupagusThe Rain in Westeros Falls Mainly in the Riverlands
2013-07-18265kyrademonSimply Irresistible?
2013-02-14265empath"Meteors: Nature's way of asking ""How's that space program coming along?"""
2013-07-19264empathSave The Cat!
2013-06-28264garlicTake the Impossible “Literacy” Test
2013-11-11262Bora Horza GobuchulHey Bro – you’re being insensitive
2013-11-05261PyrogenesisCHALLENGE ACCEPTED
2013-06-01261JimInLoganSquareYou say Paleo, I say Pa-tahleo
2013-04-05261unSaneIf only I had a tiger mom or started a fake charity.
2013-10-06260reenumThe Big Chill
2013-10-03259Defying GravityMore wreck than Wrecking Ball?
2013-07-26259The DeejThey are called RANDOM patrols for a reason!
2013-04-14259brilliantine"Real Life ""Person of Interest"""
2013-08-03258Area ManAre mermaids the new vampires?
2013-04-14258the man of twists and turnsWhat's The Question About Your Field That You Dread Being Asked?
2013-06-25257MisantropicPainforestThe Supreme Court rules on a key part of the Voting Rights Act.
2013-05-07257MoTLDNo longer sci-fi: world's first 3D printed (almost) all-plastic firearm.
2013-03-15257NavelgazerNot a threat but rather a tribute to marriage